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CENESS in the News

23 december 2020
'Russian Official Hails Tehran-Moscow Oil Cooperation'
19 december 2020
'Russia Says Trump's Policies Have Eroded Trust in U.S.'
Tehran Times
9 december 2020
'Typical Ukraine. Legendary Bandits, Budapest and Memorandum, Nuclear Arsenal
(in Russian)'

Rossiya 24
7 december 2020
'Russia Handed over to the US Options for an Arms Control Framework Agreement
(in Russian)'

6 december 2020
'Mohsen Fakhrizadeh's Death Complicates Dialogue (in Russian)'
Kommersant FM
29 november 2020
'The Iranian Parliament Accelerates Review of A Bill To Increase the Level of Uranium Enrichment in the Country (in Russian)'
Echo of Moscow
12 november 2020
'To Choose the Faster of Two Evils
(in Russian)'

7 october 2020
'The Development of the Nuclear Sector for Uzbekistan Will Be an Asset To More Than Just the Energy Sector (in Russian)'
Sputnik Uzbekistan
25 august 2020
'Lithuania Uses the Belarusian NPP Security Issue To Put Pressure on Minsk (in Russian)'
Sputnik Lithuania
10 august 2020
'After the Crisis Russia Leaves Argentina a Chance for an "Atomic Maneuver" (in Russian)'
Economics Today
27 july 2020
'Our American Biden (in Russian)'
17 july 2020
'Azerbaijan and Armenia Have Moved on to Nuclear Threats (in Russian)'
16 july 2020
'The Experts Doubt Azerbaijan's Determination to Strike the Armenian NPP (in Russian)'
15 june 2020
'"The US Accusations Are Not Supported by Any Evidence" (in Russian)'

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