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Comments About the Conference

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation

The conference [] is, without exaggeration, a long-awaited event. []. The list of participants is quite impressive. [] We expect a lively discussion.
Acting Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs, United States
Thank you so much for having me here at the 2012 Moscow Nonproliferation Conference. Thank you for inviting me to speak. [] Anton, under your capable leadership, the reputation of the Center for Energy and Security Studies increases every day.
Angela KANE
UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs

May I take this opportunity to convey my very best wishes for an effective, successful and productive Conference.
Tibor TOTH
Executive Secretary, Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)
I'm honored to be invited by the Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS), which provides a valuable forum for policy practitioners and experts to discuss crucial global issues, including universalization and entry-into-force of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. [] I consider the Moscow Nonproliferation Conference to be an important platform where experts can share on how to tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges, and I look forward to exploring further avenues of collaboration and engagement between the CENESS and the CTBTO.
Senior Safeguards Inspector, Nuclear Energy Corporation (NESCA), South Africa

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your invite and the excellent organized Conference. Much has being debated in the Conference and it came out clear that the situation in the Middle East is not an easy one, but the Conference has set a platform to start engaging in the matter and Russia is playing a very significant role in the subject matter of disarmament. Once again thank you for the opportunity to partake in the Conference.
Associate Fellow, Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP); former UK Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the IAEA (2001-2006), United Kingdom/ Switzerland
Thank you for all you did to make participation in this Conference so easy, pleasurable and rewarding.
former Director-General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (1990-1992); former Ambassador to Germany (1994-1997) and Saudi Arabia (2000-2002), Pakistan

[The 2012 Moscow Nonproliferation Conference is] the Mega Conference that you handled so successfully.
Project Officer, International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)
Please accept my sincere congratulations on such a successful event. The Conference was very well organized, both logistically and in terms of its contents (reports, panels, etc.).
Visiting Fellow, Lowy Institute; former Director General, Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office (ASNO, 1989-2010), Australia

Thank you again for inviting me to the Conference, it was a wonderful experience. The level and diversity of discussion were outstanding. You have just the right mix of subjects, people and time.
Executive Director, Arms Control Association, United States
We hope you have recovered after what was clearly an excellent Conference. By all accounts it was very well done with a very good and diverse set of speakers and high-level array of participants.
Special Assistant for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Affairs; Chief of Disarmament Unit, Arms Control and Disarmament Division, Disarmament, Non-Proliferation and Science Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

I sincerely appreciate your kind invitation to the Conference, which was a great success and which I really enjoyed. I look forward to meeting you again soon.
Mariano ORTIZ
Counsellor, Embassy of Spain in Moscow
I want to express my gratitude for the invitation that I received and congratulate for the high level of organization and the professionalism which made it possible to gather so many different experts and develop all the activities with success. I think you must be very proud of your work. Wishing you future successes and thanking again.
Vasantha Rao RAGHAVAN
President, Centre for Security Analysis (CSA), India

My congratulations on the fine Conference you organized. It was rich in content and valuable in creating better understanding of the issues that were discussed. I am grateful that you asked me to join.
Program Officer, Carnegie Corporation of New York, United States
Congratulations on a terrific Conference. I learned a lot and made some new contacts. An excellent job by you and your team!
President, Rubicon Defense Consulting; former Director of the Israel Missile Defense Organization (1991-1999), Israel

This is to express once more my appreciation of your incomparable hospitality and the great Conference you ran so capably.
Leading Research Associate, Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies, Russian Federation
I sincerely congratulate you on the success of the Conference, which was well-organized, well-balanced, and had a very topical agenda. The speakers were all highly respected professionals, and the debate was dynamic. I believe that this opinion is shared by most of the participants. I wish you and your team further achievements, and hope for continued cooperation.
Former Senior Diplomat and Independent Scholar, Iran

Being back to Tehran I would like to once again thank you for your kind hospitality. I think the Conference was a success and I wish to congratulate you and your colleagues at the Center for Energy and Security Studies.
Jianqun TENG
Director, Center for Arms Control and International Security Studies, China
Thanks a lot for your invitation to such a wonderful Conference in Moscow. We have benefited a lot from this event.
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of War Studies, King's College London, United States/ United Kingdom

I must congratulate you on a wonderful Conference. Substantively, it was exceptional in its diversity and expertise of speakers. Every panel I attended was engaging and insightful, particularly the one on "Energy Security and Nuclear-Free Status of the Korean Peninsula." In addition, the logistics were smooth and you have a wonderful team of people- all friendly and helpful. Thank you for the invitation to attend, this was a delightful experience.
Senior Fellow for Non-proliferation, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), United States / United Kingdom
My congratulations to you on organizing an outstanding Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed my short time in Moscow and I benefitted from all of the sessions that I attended. I am only sorry that I had to leave the last session early.
Research Associate, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), Italy/ Germany

Congratulations for an excellent Conference with an amazing program, great speakers and fantastic food. You did a great job.
Professor, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), Germany
I wish to congratulate you on the beautiful success of the Conference. It was a splendid event, both in terms of intellectual quality and social gratification. The organization was smooth and efficient throughout. You can be proud of your achievement and of your staff's contribution.
Senior Associate, Nuclear Policy Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Germany/ United States

It was a great meeting you organized and put on! Thanks very much for inviting me to participate in it. I want to commend it in a blog post and am thinking about the best way to do that.
President, Woosong University, United States/ Republic of Korea
Our deepest thanks for including us in on the very informative Conference. I was most impressed by Deputy Minister Ryabkov.
Head, Division for Customs Control Over Nuclear and Radioactive Materials, Main Department of Information Technology, Federal Customs Service (FCS), Russian Federation

I was very glad to receive the invitation to attend the Conference. The discussions were very important and open. I have learned a lot, and got a good sense of the latest developments.
Robert BERLS
Senior Advisor, Moscow Office Director, Nuclear Threat Initiative, United States
I really appreciated the opportunity to attend the conference. It was a great success! You and your staff did a fantastic job! Congratulations.
Robert FLOYD
Director General, Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office (ASNO), Australia

Congratulations on a very successful conference. It is a real tribute to you and your team. Well done.
Professor of Political Sciences, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, University of Tehran, Iran
I wish to thank you for inviting me to the Conference. It was a very good conference and I benefitted a lot. [] Look forward to meeting you again.
Member, Standing Advisory Group on Safeguards Implementation (SAGSI), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Thank you very much for organizing this interesting and useful Conference.
Werner-Dieter KLUCKE
Counsellor, German Embassy
Thank you for this excellent conference and the possibility to attend.
First Secretary, Embassy of the Netherlands

It was a very good and interesting conference indeed!
Director, Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies, Russian Federation
Thank you very much for the opportunity to take part in the Conference! The event was very useful. I would like to give special thanks for making the [Conference] materials available on the website.
Victor MIZIN
Deputy Director, Institute of International Studies, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation

A really great Conference, and a very productive one!
Leading Specialist, National Research Centre Kurchatov Institute', Russian Federation
Huge thanks for inviting me to attend this very interesting and informative Conference. The organization was excellent, thanks to all the efforts you and your team have made.
External Relations Officer, Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)

Many thanks for the invitation to the conference. It was very useful from the CTBTO perspective and the line-up of the speakers was impressive.
SHIN Chang-Hoon
Director, Nuclear Policy & Technology Center, Asan Institute for Policy Studies, Republic of Korea
I am greatly thankful to you for giving me a chance of talking at your successful conference.
Deputy Director, Arms Control and Disarmament Affairs, Strategic Plans Division, Joint Staff Headquarters, Pakistan

The Moscow Conference was unique in a sense that we were able to listen to various regional perspectives. The rich and frank discussions on several important issues helped us all to understand each other's perspective. It could not have been possible without your hard work and passion.
Head, Section for Korean Studies, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
My congratulations once again on pulling off such a huge project so brilliantly.