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Comments About the 2017 MNC

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation

“I am pleased to be attending the Moscow Nonproliferation Conference (MNC). I see many familiar faces here in the audience – my diplomat colleagues, other representatives of foreign states, as well as the past and incumbent heads of international organisations who are involved in nonproliferation. Thank you all for attending this event, which we regard as a very important one. We are especially grateful to Conference organisers, namely the Centre for Energy and Security Studies together with CENESS Director Anton Khlopkov. The Foreign Ministry has been productively cooperating with CENESS for a long time now and will continue to do so.

Over the period since the first MNС, this forum has become an important discussion venue that brings together respected nonproliferation experts, including diplomats, military professionals, researchers, experts, and all those who are deeply concerned with such vital aspects of global security as the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction as well as arms control.”.
Deputy Foreign Minister, Russian Federation
“I would like to say once again how very grateful we are to you for this opportunity to gather here and spend two days in energetic, interesting, sometimes heated, but always useful discussions. It's a please to immerse oneself in this energy, talk to friends and colleagues, and see the diplomatic and expert community in action. It is safe to assert that the Moscow Nonproliferation Conference has become a major factor – an international factor – in these efforts. This year's event has been a great success.”
High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Under–Secretary–General, United Nations

“My sincerest thanks to the Center for Energy and Security Studies and the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs for inviting me to participate today. This Conference has consistently proven itself as a venue for valuable open and frank debates that take forward our shared commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons.”
Under-Secretary-General, United Nations Office for Counter-Terrorism
“I would like to begin by thanking the Center for Energy and Security Studies and its head Mr. Anton Khlopkov for organizing this important Conference. I would also like to thank the Government of the Russian Federation for its support in conveying this event.”
Lassina ZERBO
Executive Secretary, Preparatory Commission, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)

“TLet me congratulate you on the success of the Moscow Nonproliferation Conference 2017 and reiterate my gratitude for your invitation and warm welcome. As before, it has been a pleasure and an honour for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) to be partnering the event.

This year's Conference has proven once again that the Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS) offers a unique platform for dialogue and constructive exchanges on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament issues, which is today more critical than ever. Your dedicated efforts also serve as strong evidence of CENESS' commitment to the shared goal of a world free from the dangers of nuclear weapons.

CENESS has been consistent in its support for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. I am grateful to you as its Director for being a close friend and a major advocate of the Treaty and I look forward to continuing our extensive partnership and to discovering additional avenues for cooperation.”
Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs, Islamic Republic of Iran
“Let me thank Center for Energy and Security Studies and our friend Anton Khlopkov for organizing this meeting. I am especially thankful to him for organizing this panel on the JCPOA and for the composition of this panel.”
Secretary General, European External Action Service (EEAS), European Union

“It is my pleasure to be here. It is very timely Conference, because we are facing unprecedented threats, unfortunately, also in non-proliferation domain.”
Senior Adviser, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Fmr. Under Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Security and Administrator of National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA, 2003–2007), United States
“I want to thank you for all the personalized support. […] You did a magnificent job on the Conference. I hope you will now have a little time to rest […]. I look forward to our next meeting."
CHOE Son Hui
President, Institute for American Studies (IFAS), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DPRK

“I would like to express my thanks to Mr. Anton Khlopkov, the Director of CENESS for the excellent arrangement of the […] Moscow Nonproliferation Conference and inviting me to this Conference.”
Lt.–Gen. (ret.), Fmr. Director-General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (1990–1992); Fmr. Ambassador to Germany (1994–1997) and Saudi Arabia (2000–2002), Pakistan
“I would very much like to thank you profusely for making our recent trip to the Russian Federation an affair to remember. Marvellous hospitality, excellent organisation, and personal attention. Couldn't ask for anything more.”
LEE Sang–hwa
Director–General for North Korean Nuclear Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
Fmr. Assistant to the U.N. Secretary General (2007–2014), Republic of Korea

“[…] Many congratulations on making this year's MNC a huge success. Let me express my deep appreciation for your kind hospitality as well as your excellent stewardship during the entire event. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to partake in many fruitful discussions and I learned a lot from all the different sessions. Thanking you once again for the very well organized meeting, I look forward to meeting you again soon either in Seoul or in Moscow.
Ambassador for Disarmament, Ministry for Foreign Affairs; Fmr. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Sweden to Singapore (1998–2002) and Finland (2006–2009), Sweden
“I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for a most interesting and well organized Conference. The timing of the Conference was really excellent, I met many interesting colleagues and I learnt a lot. And thanks also for your hospitality.”

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