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CENESS in the News

17 april 2015
'Is Decision to Supply Tehran with S-300 Missiles a Signal from Moscow?'
Russia Beyond The Headlines
15 april 2015
'Any Delay in Lifting of Iran Sanctions Hurts Russia's Interests (in Russian)'
Nezavisimaya Gazeta
10 april 2015
'Elaboration of Nuclear Deal with Iran Has Reached Considerable Level of Progress (in Russian)'
Iran Russian Radio
5 march 2015
'Challenges to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime (in Russian)'
International Affairs
4 march 2015
'Challenges to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime (in Russian)'
Rossiya Segodnya
4 march 2015
'Ukraine Was Never in Control of Deployed on its Territory USSR's Nuclear Arsenals (in Russian)'
RIA Novosti
4 march 2015
'The DPRK's Leader's Visit to Moscow Can Speed Up Dialog on Denuclearization (in Russian)'
RIA Novosti
24 february 2015
'Russia and Prospects for Egypt's First NPP'
Valdai Discussion Club
23 february 2015
'Europe Puts Pressure on Russian Atomic Industry (in Russian)'
Expert Online
11 february 2015
'News for Jen Psaki: Nuclear Locomotive (in Russian)'
Expert Online
22 january 2015
'The Iranian Nuclear Program: Going in Circles?'
Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC)
20 january 2015
'On the Reduction of Russian-U.S. Cooperation in Nuclear Security (in Russian).'
20 january 2015
'Russia and Iran Are United Against 'Extraregional Parties' (in Russian).'
BBC Russian Service
20 january 2015
'Russian-U.S. Cooperation in Nuclear Security Curtails. Criticism towards Russia (in Russian).'
Echo of Moscow

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