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CENESS in the News

14 july 2015
'Today's Iran Is a Regional Leader'
13 july 2015
'Iranian Nuclear Program: Current Situation (in Russian)'
Rossiya Segodnya
6 july 2015
'US and Iran Show the Possibility to Reach a Deal (In Russian)'
Radio Sputnik
17 june 2015
'The Stakes to Reach a Deal on Iranian Nuclear Dossier Are High (in Russian)'
17 june 2015
'Вероятность достижения договоренности по иранской ядерной проблеме высока'
17 june 2015
'Iranian Parliament Demanded the Lifting of Sanctions (in Russian)'
16 june 2015
'Rosatom Intends to Fight for Its Share of International Market (in Russian)'
5 june 2015
'United States Try to Close the Deal with Iran at Any Cost (in Russian)'
Nezavisimaya Gazeta
14 may 2015
'Ice Cold U.S., Russia Relations Put Strain On Nuclear Agreements'
National Public Radio
29 april 2015
'Russia Is Offering Assistance to Ukraine to Fight Forest Fires Near Chernobyl (in Russian)'
21 april 2015
'There Is a Growing Idea of Clintons Having a Soft Corner Towards Moscow (in Russian)'
17 april 2015
'Is Decision to Supply Tehran with S-300 Missiles a Signal from Moscow?'
Russia Beyond The Headlines
15 april 2015
'Any Delay in Lifting of Iran Sanctions Hurts Russia's Interests (in Russian)'
Nezavisimaya Gazeta
10 april 2015
'Elaboration of Nuclear Deal with Iran Has Reached Considerable Level of Progress (in Russian)'
Iran Russian Radio

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