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23 july 2019
Tokyo, Japan CENESS Director Anton Khlopkov took part in the Fifth Meeting of the Group of Eminent Persons for Substantive Advancement of Nuclear Disarmament on July 22-23, and met with Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Kono.
17 june 2019
Vienna, Austria On June 16-17 the Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS) and the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) co-sponsored a US-Russia Dialogue on Nuclear Issues. The meeting discussions were centered around WMD Issues in the Middle East region.
31 may 2019
Moscow, Russia On May 30-31 the Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS) and the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI, USA) co-organized a Russian-US meeting 'Dialogue on Prospective US-Russia Cooperation on Nuclear Safety, Security, Environmental Remediation, Science, and Energy. The event discussions were built on the ideas, presented by Joint CENESS-NTI report Pathways to Cooperation: A Menu of Potential U.S.-Russian Cooperative Projects in the Nuclear Sphere', released in 2017.
15 may 2019
Pyongyang, DPRK CENESS held its ninth series of meetings with senior DPRK Foreign Ministry officials and representatives of the DPRK MFA research organizations on May 1315. The discussions focused on the political and military developments on the Korean Peninsula in January-May 2019, prospects for dialogue in the region after the U.S.-DPRK summit in Hanoi and ways to maintain positive security dynamics on the Korean Peninsula.
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9 march 2019
Seoul, Republic of Korea CENESS Director Anton Khlopkov took part in the meeting of Working Group on International Relations 'Dialogue of Russia Republic of Korea' and made a presentation on 'Process of Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula: Role of Moscow, Seoul, and other players'.
1 january 2019
New York, United Nations HQ CENESS Director Anton Khlopkov has accepted the invitation by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and join the Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters (ABDM). The Board's agenda based on requests from the Secretary-General for advice on specific disarmament issues and upon its own recommendations of items to be considered.
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29 december 2018
Moscow, Russia - Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed Decree No 771 On the Composition of the Advisory Board under the Security Council of the Russian Federation. The decree reappoints Director of the Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS) Anton Khlopkov as member of the Board.
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CENESS in the News

5 october 2019
'DPRK and USA Have Met in Sweden to Resume Talks (in Russian)'
29 july 2019
'There Is a Need for Educating the Public, What the Uranium Tailings Are (in Russian)'
Sputnik Kyrgyz
18 july 2019
'The Safety at the Kalinin NPP Is Not in Question (in Russian)'
360 TV
8 july 2019
'US Is to Blame for Current Situation of JCPOA'
6 july 2019
'The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: Another Victim of US Nuclear Policy?'
Russia in Global Affairs
15 may 2019
'The Opportunities for Dialogue Between DPRK and US Have Not Been Fully Exhausted (in Russian)'
10 april 2019
'Russian and US Experts Called for the New START Treaty Extension (in Russian)'
RIA Novosti
30 january 2019
'Trade Between Russia and North Korea Comes Out of Tuman River (in Russian)'
22 november 2018
'Russian, North Korean Diplomats Discuss Denuclearization Talks'
22 november 2018
'Leading Russian Nuclear Nonproliferation Analyst Discusses Korean Peninsula Denuclearization with DPRK FM'
26 september 2018
'There Is a Contradiction in Mattis' Remarks on 'Nuclear Weapon Threat from Russia' (in Russian)'
Radio Sputnik
15 august 2018
'Prospects Dim for the Nuclear Deal As European Businesses Quit Iran'
Valdai Discussion Club
2 august 2018
'Parliamentarians from Russia and US Discussed the Challenges to the Nuclear Nonproliferation (in Russian)'
RIA Novosti
20 july 2018
'Will Russia let Iran Down to Win the US Over?'
Al Jazeera
18 june 2018
'To What Result May Lead the US-Imposed Barriers on Foreign Uranium? (in Russian)'
15 june 2018
'Will the EU Be at Odds with Washington over Iran?'
Valdai Discussion Club
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In focus


Moscow, Russia. On November 7-9, the 2019 Moscow Nonproliferation Conference took place. The forum, which brought together 286 experts and officials from 38 countries and international organizations, was organized by the Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS).

The current state of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), uncertain prospects of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iran's nuclear program, the lack of progress of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, as well as Russia-US arms control and growing tensions in the Middle East and South Asia, were among the key topics of the Conference agenda.

#CENESS #MoscowNuke2019

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The Nuclear Club Journal: Top Stories and Analysis

  • The Universe and Nuclear Weapons
    by Roland Timerbaev;
  • The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: Another Victim of US Nuclear Policy?
    by Grigory Berdennikov and Asya Shavrova;
  • The Future of the JCPOA and Its Impact on the Middle East by Alexander Mariyasov;
  • Ways Out of the Korean Krisis
    by Alexander Vorontsov;
  • Some Lessons from the Iran Nuclear Deal and Their Applicability to Resolving Korean Nuclear Crisis by Sergey Batsanov;
  • Prospects for Nuclear Power In the Middle East: Russia's Interests by Anton Khlopkov (ed.);
  • Cuban Missile Crisis: As Seen from the Inside by John Endicott and Victor Esin.

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: Another Victim of US Nuclear Policy

Grigory Berdennikov, Asya Shavrova

Amid a number of nuclear nonproliferation and arms control crises (the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula, the U.S. withdrawal from the JCPOA and the INF Treaty), the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) was well down the list of pressing nuclear issues until now. Amb. Grigory Berdennikov, Head of the Russian delegation at the CTBT negotiations (19931996), and Asya Shavrova, CENESS Research Associate and Member of the Youth Group of the CTBTO Preparatory Commission, point out that the situation with the CTBT is merely an element of the broader pattern of the arms control and nuclear nonproliferation current state of affairs, and the next two years will be a serious challenge for the Treaty.

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The Future of the JCPOA and Its Impact on the Middle East

Alexander Mariyasov

An article by Amb. Alexander Mariyasov, fmr. Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Islamic Republic of Iran, analyses hopes to save the JCPOA to live on even without US participation, and ways for Iran to alleviate the pressure of re-imposed US sanctions. Parties to the deal must demonstrate the political will and determination to offer Iran at least the bare minimum of economic advantages that would justify its own continued participation, as a collapse of the JCPOA followed by Iran's complete withdrawal from the deal would represent a major escalation of the already tense situation in the Middle East.

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Once and Future Partners?

Anton Khlopkov, Bill Potter

Experts disagree if the current state of US-Russian relations represents a new Cold War. Most concur, however, that the relationship between Moscow and Washington has deteriorated to a dangerous degree, arguably worse than any period since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. As such, every meeting between the US and Russian presidents will present a significant opportunity to halt, if not reverse, the downward spiral in relations.

The original article has been published in Russian in the Kommersant daily newspaper on July 10,
2018, under the title Agenda for Two Presidents'.

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