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CENESS in the News

7 february 2014
'Bushehr-2: Who and When? (in Russian)'
Voice of Russia
24 january 2014
'The Punctuality Defined by Iran is a Good First Step'
Iran Radio Russian Service
20 january 2014
'Iran Made Its Nuclear Program More Peaceful (in Russian)'
Voice of Russia
25 december 2013
'SILEX Threatens NPT (in Russian)'
Voice of Russia
11 december 2013
'Megatons To Megawatts: Russian Warheads Fuel U.S. Power Plants'
National Public Radio
2 december 2013
'Dreams and Reality of Iranian Nuclear Energy Industry's Development (in Russian)'
Voice of Russia
27 november 2013
'Iran Six-Party Talks: Prospects of Geneva Agreements (in Russian)'
Voice of Russia
26 november 2013
'Nuclear Crisis is a Part of a Deeper Mistrust Crisis between the IRI and the US (in Russian)'
Iran Radio Russian Service
25 november 2013
'There is Enough Time for Iran to Implement Geneva Agreement in Half a Year (in Russian)'
RIA Novosti
22 november 2013
'Iranian Nuclear Problem (in Russian)'
Vesti 24 TV Channel
14 november 2013
'When Will Russia Start the Construction of New NPP Unit in Iran? (in Russian)'
Voice of Russia
11 november 2013
'Iran Came to the Agreement with the IAEA. The Final Word Rests with the Group of Six (in Russian).'
Voice of Russia
8 november 2013
'Crisis of Governance in Nuclear Field is a Problem for Japan (in Russian)'
Vesti FM
22 october 2013
'Recent Developments on Geneva Talks are Favourable (in Russian)'
Iran Radio Russian Service

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