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CENESS in the News

14 october 2011
'US envoys are taking to Moscow an evidence against Iran (In Russian)'
BBC Russian Service
7 october 2011
'Commercial Dispute Policy (In Russian)'
Voice of Russia
23 september 2011
'Russian Can Make Iran Happy by Constructing a Second NPP (In Russian)'
Kommersant FM
10 september 2011
'Iran About to Commission its First A-plant'
Voice of Russia
16 august 2011
'Lavrov Plan Will Bring Toghether Russia and Iran (In Russian)'
Kommersant FM
16 august 2011
'The Head of Iranian MFA Will Reboot Relations with Russia (In Russian)'
BBC Russian Service
16 august 2011
'Inspite of Many Difficulties During Last 16 Years, Busher NPP Project is Nearly Finished (In Russian)'
Voice of Russia
10 august 2011
'Russian Nuclear Specialists in India Work like Record Makers (In Russian)'
Nezavisimaya Newspaper
5 august 2011
'Russia Concerned over India's Nuke Liability Bill'
Press Trust of India
4 august 2011
'To Delhi with Neutrons: Indian Nuclear Market Attracts Capital (In Russian)'
Rossiskaya Newspaper
1 august 2011
'We Need Africa Too: Russia and Nigeria Approved the Project of Agreement on NPP construction (In Russian)'
Vzglyad Newspaper
27 july 2011
'Bushehr NPP: what delayed the start of commercial power generation?'
Valdai Discussion Club
11 july 2011
'Nothing Came Out of the Russian-NATO Dialogue Yet (in Russian)'
20 may 2011
'Academician Sakharov was gifted to be a many-sided person: he was a nuclear physicist and a humanist at the same time (in Russian)'
Voice of Russia

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