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Guest of Honor

We are pleased to announce that Amb. RolandTimerbaev,the single-greatest Russian nonproliferation expert, was the Guest of Honor of the Conference.

Amb Timerbaev, who turned in 2017, was one of the key negotiators and founding fathers of the NPT. He was actively involved in negotiating the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the Prevention of Nuclear War Agreement between the Soviet Union and the United States, and in draftingthedocuments establishing the International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards system.

He also served the Soviet and Russian Permanent Representative to the International Organizations in Vienna.

In retirement, he is generously involved in fosteringa new generation of nonproliferation and arms control specialists in Russia and internationally.

An interview with Amb. Timerbaev on the occasion of the approaching 50thanniversary of the NPT was published in the Nuclear Club journal in Russian, and in the September issue of the Arms Control Today journalin English. The opening reception of the 2017 Moscow Nonproliferation Conference was organized by the Russian Foreign Ministry in honor of Amb. Timerbaev.