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Dr. Georgy Toloraya is one of Russia’s most acknowledged experts in Oriental and Asian studies and Korean issues in particular. Apart from regional security, Dr. Toloraya’s research also focuses on eceonomy. In 2007-2008 Dr. Toloraya was a Research Fellow at Brookings Institution. In 2008 he was appointed Chair of Regional Programs at the “Russkiy Mir” Foundation.

Dr. Toloraya is an experienced Russian diplomat. He served as a Consul General at the Russian Embassy in Sydney, Australia (2003-2007). In 1998-2003 he was Deputy Director of 1st Department of Asia at the MFA of Russia. In 1993-1998 he was Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Korea, in 1991-1993 - Director of the Korean section in the MFA of Russia.

Georgy Toloraya worked as Executive Secretary of the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the USSR-South Korean Economic Copperation Council in 1990-1991. He started his career in the USSR Trade Promotion Office in North Korea (1978-1980 and 1984-1987).

Graduated from the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO-University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He holds a PhD in Economy.