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Ambassador Wendy R. Sherman is a non-resident Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center. She started research work after her service as Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. She led the U.S. delegation to the negotiations that resulted in successful conclusion of the Iran nuclear agreement. In 2008, she was appointed by Congressional Leadership to serve on the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Proliferation and Terrorism. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She was awarded the National Security Medal by President Barack Obama.

Ambassador Sherman previously served as Counselor for the State Department (1997-2001), as well as Special Advisor to President Clinton and Policy Coordinator on North Korea. In that role, she worked as a close advisor to then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on every major foreign policy and national security issue, and also managed numerous special assignments including negotiations on nuclear non-proliferation.

From 1993–1996, Ambassador Sherman served as Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs. Earlier in her career, she managed election campaigns for the U.S. Senate. Ambassador Sherman served as Chair of the Board of Directors of Oxfam America and was also on the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Policy Board.

She attended received a B.A. from Boston University and a master’s degree from the University of Maryland.