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What is your projection for the Korean peninsula until the end of 2018?

Multilateral talks to reduce tensions in the region will resume.

Pyongyang will conduct another nuclear rest, the UN Security Council will respond by ramping up sanctions.

The political crisis will degenerate into a limited military conflict.

The United States, backed by allies, will attempt a regime change in North Korea.

To what extent the adoption of a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iranian nuclear program corresponds to a full range of Russia's national interests?

Corresponds to a significant degree

Mostly corresponds

Corresponds in a form of certain compromise, where benefits are equal to possible side effects

Mostly deviates from than corresponds to a full range of Russian interests

Which market offers better opportunities for the Russian nuclear industry business development?





Should Russia sign a deal with Iran to build a second reactor at Bushehr?

Yes, once the first reactor is launched

Yes, but only after the IAEA closes the Iranian dossier

No, dealings with Iran are very bad for Russias relations with the West

No, Russia should even pull out from finishing the first reactor