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Press Contacts

Center for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS) expertise in nonproliferation, nuclear energy industry and nuclear disarmament proved to be a valuable source of information and comments for mass media, both Russia and international.


In 2012, CENESS' experts gave more than 20 comments and interviews to the leading western and Russian media. The list consists of the information agencies, newspapers, TV channels and radio stations, including:

The most sought-after topics of comments made by CENESS can be classified by the following areas:

  • Regional challenges to the nonproliferation regime (the Iranian and North Korean nuclear dossiers with the related issues were the first in the list);
  • Russian nuclear industry in a global market (e.g. nuclear cooperation with India, Turkey, Iran);
  • Russian-US nuclear dialog (in sight of a ‘reset' policy in bilateral relations);
  • Nuclear safety&security and the protection of critical infrastructure (e.g. consequences to the world after Fukushima accident and Stuxnet attack on Iranian nuclear facilities)


The full list of CENESS comments in the media could be found at CENESS website in the ‘CENESS in the News' section (http://ceness-russia.org/eng/CENESSintheNews/ ).