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Adil Sultan is a Deputy Director at Arms Control & Disarmament Affairs (ACDA) Directorate of Strategic Plans Division (SPD), Joint Services Headquarters (JSHQ), Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He is an air force pilot by profession, and has been working on arm control, nonproliferation and disarmament related issues at the SPD, since 2005. He holds MSc in Defence & Strategic Studies (DSS), MSc Mass Communication, and BSc (Hons) in War Studies. Currently he is working on his doctoral dissertation on Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime: Structuring and Integrating Regional and Global Approaches – A Case Study of South Asia. Adil Sultan was a Visiting Fellow at Henry L. Stimson Center Washington DC in 2006. He occasionally writes for print media and is the author of research articles; Indo-US Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement: Implications on South Asian Security Environment (Stimson Center 2006); Regional Nonproliferation Regime (RNR): A new Approach to Integrating De-facto Nuclear Weapon States into the Nonproliferation Regime: The Case of South Asia (IPRI Journal 2007); Fissile Material Treaty: Prospects and Challenges - Pakistan's Perspective (SASSI 2011); and Pakistan's Emerging Nuclear Posture: Impact of Drivers and Technology on Nuclear Doctrine (ISSI Journal 2012).