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Dr. Leshakov, Ph.D. in Economics, has research interests in a number of areas, including Russia's economic relations with Republic of Korea and the DPRK, Soviet and Russian policy on Korean Peninsular, migration of Korean diaspora in C.I.S. countries, Korean economy and society. He has taught at Moscow State University since 1985, first at Preparatory Faculty for International Students and later since 1990 at Institute of Asian & African Studies. Since 2011 Dr. Leshakov is Vice President of Association of Korean Studies in Europe (AKSE). Since 2009 Dr. Leshakov holds the position of Chairman of Russian Association of Universities offering Korean Studies program. Dr. Leshakov is a member of Editorial Board of Russian Korean Studies Almanac (Moscow, Institute of Asian & African Studies). In 1979 Dr. Leshakov received his Graduate diploma in world economic relations at the faculty of Socio-Economic Studies in Institute of Asian & African Studies at Moscow State University (profile: Korean language). From 1983 to 1988 he has studied at the Research Institute of Oriental Studies Academy of Science of the USSR and the area of his specialization lied in the following area: World economy & foreign economic relations (Title of dissertation The DPRK in World Economic Relations). Since 2008 Dr. Leshakov is the Director of the International Center for Korean Studies at Moscow State University and since 1999 he is Professor at the Institute of Asian & African Studies.