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Dr. Thomas B. Cochran holds the Wade Greene Chair for Nuclear Policy at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). He served as director of the nuclear program until 2007. He initiated NRDC's Nuclear Weapons Databook Project. He also initiated a series of joint nuclear weapons verification projects with the Soviet Academy of Sciences. He has served as a consultant to numerous government and non-government agencies on energy, nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear reactor matters. He is a member of the Department of Energy's Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee.  Previously he served as a member of DOE's Environmental Management Advisory Board, Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Board and Energy Research Advisory Board, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Advisory Committee on the Clean Up of Three Mile Island and the TMI Public Health Advisory Board.

Dr. Cochran has published numerous articles and working papers, including those in SIPRI Yearbook chapters, Arms Control Today, and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. He has co-authored (with Dr. Robert S. Norris) the article on ‘Nuclear Weapons' in the 1990 printing of The New Encyclopedia Britannica (15th edition).