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Dr. Berhan Andemicael serves currently as Coordinator of the team of national experts assisting the Security Council's 1540 Committee, which is concerned with the risk of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, especially involving non-state actors (established under UNSC Resolution 1540). He is a career international civil servant as a disarmament expert, and a research scholar.

From 1988 to 2000 Dr. Andemicael was Representative of the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency to the United Nations and Director of its New York Office. He worked in this capacity from February 1988 to April 2001, representing Dr. Hans Blix and later Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei. During the preceding 22 years, Dr. Andemicael held several posts in the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). Previously, during 1964, he worked in the disarmament section of the Department of Political and Security Council Affairs of the United Nations.

Dr. Andemicael completed his doctoral studies at Columbia University (Ph.D. in Political Science and International Relations). His dissertation focused on the role of non-aligned States in disarmament negotiations. His latest publication (with John Mathiason) is: ‘Eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction: Prospects for Effective International Verification' (London & New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005).