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Ms. Lucas-Gouley is engineer in Physics with degree from National School of Engineers in Physics in Strasbourg where she got a specialization in optics. Ms. Lucas-Gouley received her diploma in 1990 and she started working at French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) where she was involved in a European project about powerful YAG lasers. Ms. Lucas-Gouley joined the non-proliferation group in 2004. Now she is in charge of monitoring proliferating countries in the nuclear field like Iran. Ms. Lucas-Gouley also followed the dismantling of the AQK network since the early in 2004. Her job consists in collecting, selecting and analyzing technical information in order to provide the best analysis to national official organizations. Ms. Lucas-Gouley participated in the international workshop on Separation Phenomena in Liquids and Gases in Beijing  in 2006 where she made presentation entitled “The AQK network and the Libyan proliferation with centrifuges”.