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Ms. Choubey is responsible for establishing strategic priorities for the Program, conducting research and generating policy analysis, and leading the Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference. Particularly, areas of interest for her research include the calculations of non–nuclear-weapon states, U.S. nonproliferation and disarmament policies, U.S. nuclear security spending, Iran's nuclear ambitions, the U.S.–India civilian nuclear cooperation deal, and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Prior to joining the Carnegie Endowment in 2006, Ms. Choubey was director of the Peace and Security Initiative for the Ploughshares Fund. Before joining Ploughshares, she worked for Ambassador Nancy Soderberg in the New York  office of the International Crisis Group.

Deepti Choubey earned her Masters of International Affairs, with a focus on South Asia security policy, from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. She also became a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellow in Hindi and Urdu at Columbia. Before that, Ms. Choubey was a strategy consultant advising market-leading companies in Asia, Europe, and the United States. She earned her undergraduate degree in Government from Harvard University.