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Currently Mikhail Baryshnikov serves as Head of Innovative Products Development Department (Back-End Division) at TENEX, the world-leading uranium products supplier.

Mikhail Baryshnikov has acted as an expert at several IAEA meetings, and is a member of the various professional societies, technical councils and steering committees. He is author of more than 50 publications on scientific (material sciences, nuclear fuel behavior) and technical (handling of the nuclear fuel, project design, government policy) topics. Since 2017 he has acted as Chair of the Sustainable Used Fuel Management Working Group and has been an active contributor to this and the World Nuclear Association’s Waste Management and Decommissioning group.

Dr Mikhail Baryshnikov began his career as a research scientist at the world-famous Kurchatov Institute in Moscow, in the area of irradiated nuclear fuel examination. He then worked as a Project Manager at the SOSNY Company specializing in management of non-typical used nuclear fuel. Later, he acted as Head of Spent Nuclear Fuel Office at the ROSATOM, Russian State Corporation for Nuclear Energy.