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Anatoly DIAKOV

Dr. Diakov is a Professor of Physics and Chief Research Associate (ex-Director) of the Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). He graduated from the MIPT in 1972, got a Ph.D. in Physics/Mathematics in 1975 and since then is working at the Department of General and Applied Physics of MIPT. He has written more than 40 scientific papers on nuclear arms reductions, the history of Russia's plutonium production, disposition options for excess plutonium, and the feasibility of converting Russia's icebreaker reactors from highly enriched to low-enriched uranium. Since 1989 he focuses his studies on issues related to the scientific and technical aspects of nuclear disarmament, problems of nuclear arms control, development of nuclear industry and maintenance of an efficient non-proliferation regime. He is a member of the Pugwash Movement of Scientists.