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Comments about the Conference 2010

 Member of the Expert Group, Security Council Committee, Established Pursuant to Resolution 1540, United Nations 

The conference was one of the most impressive events I attended, both in substance and organization, and I found the involvement of three generations of non-proliferation experts a unique advantage. Anton Khlopkov's leadership was outstanding, and showed how much can be accomplished in just 2 days with good planning and execution'.
 Research Associate, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), Italy/ Germany 
The conference was perfectly organized and very helpful for all of us. It was one of the best events I ever attended, and your team was very friendly, very professional and very supportive'.
 Deputy Director, Department for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden 

CENESS certainly did an excellent job, as did its team. Very interesting discussions took place and the arrangements were smooth and very professional'.
 Aide to the Director General, Russian State Corporation on Atomic Energy Rosatom, Russian Federation 
Thank you for sending photos and useful links of the 2010 Moscow Nonproliferation Conference, well-organized and shaped by CENESS. It was very interesting and useful for me to be a part of the Conference'.
LI Changhe
 Vice President, China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, China 

I congratulate you for the success of the Conference and remarkable work you did in this regard'.
 Senior Analyst, French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), France  
It was a great pleasure for me to attend 2010 Moscow Nonproliferation Conference. All the topics were very interesting and the presentations were very high quality'.
PAIK Hak-Soon
 Director Inter-Korean Studies, Sejong Institute, Republic of Korea 

I am back home and recall the Moscow Nonproliferation Conference 2010 with satisfaction and gratitude. It was just impressive that you've made the conference such a huge success'.
Director General, South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI), Pakistan
Please allow me to congratulate you for organizing an extremely successful conference which was both intellectually stimulating and socially rewarding. Congratulations again on your success!'
 Chair of the 1996 Nuclear Test-Ban Negotiations, Special Representative to Promote the Ratification Process of the CTBT (2003-2009), Netherlands 

Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate you with a most successful non-proliferation conference in Moscow that I was privileged to attend. I benefitted a great deal from the presentations and discussions as, I am convinced, did the other participants'.