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Cornel Feruţă has been appointed IAEA Chief Coordinator in 2013. He was Romania’s Ambassador and Resident Representative to the IAEA and UN organisations in Vienna, Austria from 2007 to 2012. Mr. Feruţă has served in a number of senior diplomatic positions for Romania's Foreign Service. He was Romania’s governor to the IAEA Board of Governors (2008–2010). He also served as vice-chair of the IAEA Board, as chair of the IAEA Medium term Strategy process for 2012–2017, as chair of the Working Group on IAEA Programme and Budget for the 2010–2011 cycle and as chairman of the OSCE Economic and Environmental Committee (2009). In 2000 – 2004 he worked for the Permanent Mission of Romania to the International Organisations in Vienna.

In addition to service overseas, Mr. Feruţă has held roles in a number of divisions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including Director of the Minister’s Cabinet (January 2005-June 2007); Director of the Western Balkans and Regional Cooperation Division (August-December 2004); Advisor within to the Minister’s Cabinet and diplomat with the OSCE and Regional Cooperation Division (January 1998-March 2000).

Before he joined the diplomatic corps, Mr. Feruţă worked as an International Affairs Journalist (November 1994 - December 1997).