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CENESS in the News

29 january 2016
'Only About a Third of the Nuclear Reactors Announced by Middle Eastern Countries May Be Launched (in Russian)'
19 january 2016
'Prospects and Risks of the Development of the Nuclear Power Industry in the Middle East: Expert Opinion'
Valdai Discussion Club
18 january 2016
'Valdai Discussion Club Calculates Risks for Russian NPP Construction Projects in the Middle East'
13 january 2016
'Russia Refuses to Join Washington-driven Initiatives in Nuclear Security (in Russian)'
10 january 2016
'The Seismic Yield of the DPRK's Nuclear Test Was Not Large Enough to Classify the Device as 'Hydrogen Bomb'(in Russian)'
6 january 2016
'Specialists Have not Believed in the DPRK's 'Hydrogen Bomb' Test (in Russian)'
6 january 2016
'This is not the H-Bomb: North Korea's Bluff (in Russian)'
TV Rain
6 january 2016
'The DPRK Claims Successful 'Hydrogen Bomb' Test (in Russian)'
Channel One
11 december 2015
'Kim Jong Un's Announcement Was a Blind Shell (In Russian)'
30 september 2015
'Kiev's Plans for Nuclear Waste Depositories Will Hurt Ukraine, not Russia (In Russian)'
Radio Sputnik
22 september 2015
'UN General Assembly: Nuclear Question Raises Hopes and Skepticism'
Russia Direct
27 august 2015
'Iran Is to Place Its Uranium into the 'Bank': Why Do Asia and the Middle East Need Nuclear Fuel Bank? (in Russian)'
Economics Today
27 august 2015
'Astana Creates a Nuclear Fuel Bank Endowed By the USA and Warren Buffett (in Russian)'
26 august 2015
'The USA Will Not Be Able to Block Iran Deal (in Russian)'

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