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CENESS in the News

7 october 2016
'Press-conference on 'Suspension of the Russian-US Agreement on Research Cooperation in the Nuclear and Energy Sector: What's Next?' (in Russian)'
Rossiya Segodnya
7 october 2016
'Pretending Break-off: Nuclear Agreements Weren't Working Even Before Official Suspension (in Russian)'
7 october 2016
'Plutonium Cold War (in Russian)'
Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye
6 october 2016
'Moscow Cut Nuclear Contacts (in Russian) '
Rossiyskaya Gazeta
6 october 2016
'Washington Should Look in the Mirror More Often (in Russian)'
Rossiya Segodnya
4 october 2016
'Russia Suspends Plutomium Disposition Agreement Until the United States Compensates for Anti-Russian Sanctions (in Russian)'
3 october 2016
'The Suspension of the Plutonium Disposition Agreement: Why Did President Putin Go for It? (in Russian)'
3 october 2016
''The Clash of Utilization': Russia and the USA Suspend Plutonium Disposition Agreement and Talks Over Syria (in Russian)'
3 october 2016
'Russia Urges the United States to Speed Up the Nuclear Disarmament (in Russian)'
15 september 2016
'The USA Uses the DPRK to Its Nuclear Advantage (in Russian)'
Zvezda TV Channel
9 september 2016
'JCPOA and Russia's Interests in the Iranian Nuclear Market'
Moscow Defense Brief
14 july 2016
'JCPOA: Early Results. A View from Russia'
1 april 2016
'Nuclear Summit in Washington with Russia not Participating Acknowledged the Threat of Terrorists' Access to Nuclear Infrastructure (in Russian)'
11 march 2016
'Five Years After Fukushima, Nuclear Power Sees Unlikely Revival'
Valdai Discussion Club

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