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CENESS in the News

1 november 2017
'The Situation Has Been Escalated 'to the Brink of Nuclear War' (in Russian)'
1 november 2017
'Washington Does Not Wish for a War with the North Korea (in Russian)'
21 october 2017
'No Sense in Walking Away From the Atom (in Russian)'
20 october 2017
'Lavrov: The Purpose of the USA is to Portray Russia as a Willful Violator of International Obligations (in Russian)'
22 september 2017
'The H-Bomb Cocktail: How Real the DPRK Threat Is? (in Russian)'
4 september 2017
'Vulnerability Test (in Russian)'
3 september 2017
'On North Korea H-bomb Test: Risks of Military Escalation Are Alarmingly High (in Russian)'
2 september 2017
'One Hundred Kiloton of Juche Ideology (in Russian)'
18 june 2017
'Visit to Moscow Nuclear Expo Will Inform UAE Energy Policy'
The National | UAE
6 may 2017
'A Shadow of Chernobyl Hangs Over Ukraine (in Russian)'
29 march 2017
'One of the Nuclear Market Majors, Westinghouse Electric, Filed for Bankruptcy (in Russian)'
Channel One
7 march 2017
'Jeopardising Russian Nuclear Industry (in Russian)'
Zvezda TV Channel
6 december 2016
'Ukraine Is Trying to Intimidate the USA and Russia with Nuclear Weapons (in Russian)'
10 november 2016
'Putting an Atom on Hold: What does Vietnam Loose by Cancelling Its NPP Constraction Plans (in Russian)'
Federal Business Agency 'Economics Today'

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