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CENESS in the News

30 january 2019
'Trade Between Russia and North Korea Comes Out of Tuman River (in Russian)'
22 november 2018
'Russian, North Korean Diplomats Discuss Denuclearization Talks'
22 november 2018
'Leading Russian Nuclear Nonproliferation Analyst Discusses Korean Peninsula Denuclearization with DPRK FM'
26 september 2018
'There Is a Contradiction in Mattis' Remarks on 'Nuclear Weapon Threat from Russia' (in Russian)'
Radio Sputnik
15 august 2018
'Prospects Dim for the Nuclear Deal As European Businesses Quit Iran'
Valdai Discussion Club
2 august 2018
'Parliamentarians from Russia and US Discussed the Challenges to the Nuclear Nonproliferation (in Russian)'
RIA Novosti
20 july 2018
'Will Russia let Iran Down to Win the US Over?'
Al Jazeera
18 june 2018
'To What Result May Lead the US-Imposed Barriers on Foreign Uranium? (in Russian)'
15 june 2018
'Will the EU Be at Odds with Washington over Iran?'
Valdai Discussion Club
16 may 2018
'Will Europe Risk More Chaos in the Middle East for Transatlantic Solidarity?'
Valdai Discussion Club
15 january 2018
'Donald Trump Disavows Nuclear Deal with Iran (in Russian)'
3 january 2018
'DPRK Reaches Out to Dialogue (in Russian)'
18 december 2017
'The USA Are Ready to Spend Up to $400 Million for Nuclear Industry Modernization (in Russian)'
Russia Today
1 november 2017
'NPPs Constitute a Vital Part of Russia's Energy Balance (in Russian)'
Vestnik Kavkaza

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