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CENESS in the News

22 may 2020
'The Unique Floating Nuclear Power Plant Launches Russia's Innovative Nuclear Projects'
Economics Today
24 april 2020
'Why the USA are Unable to Push Russia Out of the Nuclear Technology Market (in Russian)'
Economics Today
13 march 2020
'Pentagon Hands Out Contracts for Portable Nuclear Reactors'
1 december 2019
'Into the Unknown: What to Expect from Ukraine's NPP Switching to American Fuel (in Russian)'
RIA Novosti
24 november 2019
'Sanctions on Fordow Is a Blow to Nuclear Deal'
Tehran Times
8 november 2019
'The Elimination of Nuclear Weapons: Why It Is Not Just a Science Fiction Story for Moscow (in Russian) '
RIA Novosti
8 november 2019
'Lavrov Is Speaking at the Moscow Nonproliferation Conference (in Russian)'
5 october 2019
'DPRK and USA Have Met in Sweden to Resume Talks (in Russian)'
29 july 2019
'There Is a Need for Educating the Public, What the Uranium Tailings Are (in Russian)'
Sputnik Kyrgyz
18 july 2019
'The Safety at the Kalinin NPP Is Not in Question (in Russian)'
360° TV
8 july 2019
'US Is to Blame for Current Situation of JCPOA'
6 july 2019
'The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: Another Victim of US Nuclear Policy?'
Russia in Global Affairs
15 may 2019
'The Opportunities for Dialogue Between DPRK and US Have Not Been Fully Exhausted (in Russian)'
10 april 2019
'Russian and US Experts Called for the New START Treaty Extension (in Russian)'
RIA Novosti

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