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CENESS in the News

23 february 2015
'Europe Puts Pressure on Russian Atomic Industry (in Russian)'
Expert Online
11 february 2015
'News for Jen Psaki: Nuclear Locomotive (in Russian)'
Expert Online
22 january 2015
'The Iranian Nuclear Program: Going in Circles?'
Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC)
20 january 2015
'On the Reduction of Russian-U.S. Cooperation in Nuclear Security (in Russian).'
20 january 2015
'Russia and Iran Are United Against 'Extraregional Parties' (in Russian).'
BBC Russian Service
20 january 2015
'Russian-U.S. Cooperation in Nuclear Security Curtails. Criticism towards Russia (in Russian).'
Echo of Moscow
31 december 2014
'Fuel of U.S. Origin Poses High Risk for Ukrainian NPPs (in Russian).'
31 december 2014
'The Use of American-origin Nuclear Fuel at Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant is not Safe (in Russian).'
Russia Today
30 december 2014
'Ukraine May Choose to Buy NPP's Fuel from the USA (in Russian)'
Channel One Russia
20 november 2014
'Geoeconomics (in Russian)'
Russia 24
5 november 2014
'Nuclear Issues to be Discussed in Moscow (in Russian)'
Rossiyskaya Gazeta
28 october 2014
'Cooperation and Security Issues Are to Be Discussed in Seoul'
Rossiyskaya Gazeta
28 october 2014
'Resolving Key Nuclear Issue Turns on Iran-Russia Deal'
Inter Press Service
25 october 2014
'The Situation in Ukranian Nuclear Energy Sector is Critical (in Russian)'
Channel One Russia

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